Some of our Prizes

Get 3,000 points and win your favorite club’s jersey. Be proud and represent your club well. This is just the beginning! Keep playing and win more awesome rewards!
Earn 15,000 points and win a flight to Italy, with tickets to a Roma home game. Enjoy the magical city of Rome and continue playing, it looks like a job offer will be on the table soon.
Get 10,000 points and win Football Manager 2022. You now have a secret weapon – a new undiscovered talent in the game. Keep winning!


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What is this app?

The app is for every football lover or a professional out there. You can be a fan or someone who wants to become a scout and enjoy thousands of amazing (and sometimes funny) videos from all over the world. Or you can be a player who dreams of making it big – upload your football videos and let the crowd wisdom decide. Compete against other players and get a chance of trials at leading European clubs. We invite you to join – have fun, compete against other fan scouts, win prizes, and discover the next Messi or Ronaldo. Influencer? Approach us via email to upload your football related videos and benefit from premium exposure and prize-winning opportunities.

Who is the app for?

The app is for everyone who loves football! Fans, players, scouts, influencers and content creators, and clubs.

I’m younger than 18, can I use the app?

Yes! If you are younger than 18 you can use the app at all times. If you are younger than 13 then we need you to ask your guardians for written permission.

Is this app just for men?

No! The app is for everyone to enjoy. We believe in promoting women’s football with all our hearts.

What I’m supposed to do?

Watch the videos and click on the “Rate” button on the bottom right area of the screen. Then give a score: 1 (Flop) being a video that needs a lot of improvement, 2(Amateur), 3(Average), 4 (Good), and 5 (Top) being amazing. The scores that match other fans’ scores will get you extra XP, levelling up in the app and opportunities to win amazing prizes. Players are welcome to rate other players’ videos too! Also, follow players to create a VOD of the content that interests you. If you are a football player or a football freestyler – we invite you to upload videos where you show your skills and talent to the world. Click on the + sign at the bottom of your screen and choose how to upload your videos. Finally, no matter who you are, complete the challenges in the Arena (bottom right corner button in your feed) to have more chances to win prizes.

What is the Arena?

Arena is the place in Stari app where you can see the challenges that you can complete to get bonus points and win prizes. It shows the open challenges in the “Challenges” tab, completed challenges under “Wins”, and the badges that you won through completing challenges and other

What are challenges and badges?

Challenges are an opportunity to get extra points to get ahead of the competition. They are based on how much you use the app; how good your scouting skills are; and if you are a player – how popular you are. More points mean climbing up the rankings and having more chances to win amazing prizes. The badges are visual symbols of how well you do in the app – show them off proudly!

Are those real players?

Yes! Most of the players on the app are young people, hoping to one day make it big in the football world. They are counting on you to see their talent and make sure their star will shine.

What will I get?

Several awesome things. You can win amazing prizes like flying to Europe and watching the matches of our partner clubs in the Champions League, football kits and equipment, and maybe even an opportunity to work as a professional scout! If you are a player, you might get trials at the partner clubs and show off your skills at the biggest stages of the world, representing your country, city, and family at the World Cup, Champions League, Euros, AFCON, or Copa America!

How do I upload videos?

Click on the + sign at the bottom of your feed screen and choose how to upload your videos.

Can I share videos?

Yes! In fact, that would make us very happy. Please share as much as you want on any social media or chat apps.

How to see my profile?

Click on your profile photo to see your profile, including your level, short info, who you follow and who follows you.

How to edit my profile?

When in your profile, click on the three dots in upper right corner and then on Edit Profile.

How to logout?

When in your profile, click on the three dots in upper right corner and then on Settings. The Log out button is under the Terms of Use.

How to get a CV?

When in your profile, click on the three dots in upper right corner and then on Export CV. Enter your email address and we will send your Stari CV there after we create it free of charge.

Which position to choose?

The position that you think you are strongest at.

There is an account with my name and my videos, what to do?

First of all, congratulations, that means that our scouts have identified you as a promising player and uploaded your videos already. If you would like to participate in the app, please write to [email protected]and request your password (that you will be able to change immediately). If you would like for us to delete your information, please write to the same address.

Will I get emails from you?

No. You are welcome to sign up for future updates and other footballing content from Stari at [email protected].

How to delete my personal data?

Stari complies with the GDPR regulations. Please send an information deletion request to [email protected]. and we will send a confirmation email after it’s done.

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