We were reminded of it when Italy won the Euro 2020, “assisted” by three young English players missing their penalties in a row. Normally this would just garner criticism and angry remarks; totally understandable. Now, a wave of racist messages and public posts has hit England, with the whole world watching. In response to this […]


Football player becoming a manager is an expected career track for thousands of football professionals. And yet, the phenomena of appointing a club legend as a manager became prevalent after Pep Guardiola. In 2009, Barcelona appointed the newly retired Guardiola as first-team manager. His experience? Barcelona youth team. The rest is history: Barcelona under Guardiola […]


Recently several sources reported an alarming story: a young Dutch football player, called Mohamed Ihattaren was reported missing. Mohamed, 19, was quickly found, but is now considering retirement from football, at an age where most football players just start their professional careers. Ever since signing for Juventus on the last day of 2021 Summer Transfer […]


How many people have heard of Sheriff Tiraspol before that game? The average football fan has no reason to follow smaller European clubs. Unless a really special club shows up. Like our partners, Sheriff Tiraspol, who have changed the game this season. If you didn’t watch the September game against Real Madrid just yet, then […]


She was forced to escape her native Afghanistan to Denmark, only at 11 years old, after her father’s murder by the Taliban. Today, Nadia Nadim is considered the most influential and greatest Afghan female football player of all times. Her stats say it all: almost a 100 appearences for Denmark national team and almost 200 goals scored. […]


Cinderella. From rags to riches. Zero to Hero. We always cheer when an underdog is making it big time, escaping their harsh surroundings and achieving success despite all odds.   The competitive nature of sports is the perfect stage for those stories. Many football players were born in impoverished countries, denied access to basic living […]


STARI is proud to announce the launch of our “Commando Scouting” unit – a team of passionate expert scouts, watching and analyzing football on Stari’s dedicated platform, to transform the world of scouting as it exists today. Stari held a celebratory launch event at the VIP Sky Box at the Sammy Ofer Stadium, the home […]


CIES Football Observatory has published a list of U23 most valuable football players who have made a debut at one of the top-5 Europe leagues. There are several valuable insights that can be gleaned from the report. The Central and South American export markets have diminished, if not in quantity, then in quality. Only 4 […]


It is a common stereotype that women’s football, or any sport in which women compete, will always be less popular. The result of this popularity “contest” is that the men’s sports, and in particular football, get a lot more money, if those are wages, sponsorship and broadcast deals, and overall budget for clubs, national teams, […]


There’s no job which involves as much relocation and immigration as football. It’s rare for players to join the local football academy, then play in the home club and retire. While some restrictions are still in place, clubs are pretty much free to sign players from all over the world, at allotted transfer windows. This […]